People are used to eat cakes on special occasions. However, we believe that everyone deserves a delicious piece of cake every day.

To guarantee stable quality and lower production cost, we produce cakes in long batches and using only high quality ingredients from reliable suppliers. Once produced, cakes are being shock-frozen at -36°C and then stored below -18 °C to preserve freshness for a longer time without usage of excessive additives.

Wide selection of plate and round cakes pre-cut into 10, 16 or 32 slices can cover demand of any hotel, restaurant or coffee shop owner. Why to spend money for expensive equipment and skilled confectioner if it is so easy just to take frozen cake from the freezer and move it to the chilled place to thaw up during few hours. Usage of different decoration techniques will make your serving unique.

Most of the cakes are supplied in designed multilingual packgaes, that gurantee outstanding look on the shelves of Cash&Carry shops. 

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