Eesti Pagar is the leading bakery in Estonia that combines old traditions and modern technologies to create a wide range of frozen bakery products.

Estonian capital based private company with over 45% market share in home market.

3x bakeries

13x production lines

600x employees

Production capacity: 225 tons/day

Production volume (2020): 35,5M kg

Turnover (2020): 65,0M EUR

Export share (2020): >12,0M EUR (19%)

In addition to carefully followed traditions, our team has always had an open mind towards new ideas. Our current assortment of over 300 frozen bakery products is being constantly enriched by new tastes and shapes, that are being developed cooperation with top technologists and professionals from all over the world.

To ensure the success of business and high quality of products we are continuously making investments into new equipment and improving production technologies. 

Our quality management system is in compliance with the requirements of BRC and IFS Global Standards for Food Safety.

Many Nordic, Eastern and Western European wholesale companies and retail chains have chosen us as a reliable partner for production of frozen bakery products under Private Labels.

Frozen bakery and confectionery products produced by Eesti Pagar are bringing joy to millions of people all over the world.

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