Toast bread


Perfect day starts with golden brown slices of toast bread.

Products are available in regular and XL size ideal for HoReCa and sandwich producers.


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Toast bread 500g1 1582773999
Tosta mitmevilja rostsai 2400x1116 1600679179
Multigrain toast bread 500g1 1582774001
4740086020900 pagarir c3 b6st kaeraga 430g  1  1611044871
Tosta rukkirost 2400x1116 1600679670
Tosta rostsai 2400x1116 1600678812
Juustu r c3 b6st 1610751968
Rost seemnetega 430g2400 1610752027
Tosta t c3 a4istera r c3 b6stsepik 500g  1  1600675104
R c3 b6st 1610752319