Bake Off rye bread

What can be better than having a freshly baked bread with crispy crust and soft content?

Traditional bread made with naturally fermented sourdough is a delicious addition to every meal.

Combinations of different seeds and grains are used to provide bread unique texture and taste combination along with health benefits.


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Baguette 1582773832
Bo black bread 400g 1616450317
Black 20different 20seed 20bread 20650g 1611006695
Bo borodino bread 600g 1604570988
9191 dark ciabatta 300g 1599920931
Bo borodino bread 600g 1639752340
Bo 20hauka 20bread 20500g 1610750225
Hemp seed bread 350g bo 1582824293
9192 ciabatta 300g 1599920808
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