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What can be better than having a freshly baked bread with crispy crust and soft content?

The aroma of fresh rye bread is a combination of earthiness, warmth, and complexity. Whether you’re picking up a loaf to enjoy at home or contemplating a delicious sandwich, the scent of rye bread can be a truly appetizing and comforting experience.

Our rye breads, crafted with the finest ingredients, offer a perfect blend of robust flavor and nutritional value. Whether you prefer a classic seeded loaf or a rustic sourdough rye, we have something to cater to your dietary preferences.

Promote the health benefits of rye bread, such as its high fiber content and lower glycemic index, to attract health-conscious customers. Plus, a significant portion of our Bake Off bread offerings is vegan, making them an ideal option for those seeking plant-based dining.
In our selection, we have not forgotten the globally loved ciabatta. Deliciousness of ciabatta comes from its simplicity, its contrast of textures, and the balance of flavors achieved through fermentation, salt and quality ingredients. Whether enjoyed on its own, as a sandwich, or alongside other dishes, ciabatta’s appeal lies in its ability to elevate a wide range of culinary experiences.

Explore our rye bread catalog and experience the perfect blend of taste and nutrition.

Bake Off rye bread



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