People are used to eat cakes on special occasions. However, we believe that everyone deserves a delicious piece of cake every day.

To guarantee stable quality and lower production cost, we produce cakes in long batches and using only high quality ingredients from reliable suppliers. Once produced, cakes are being shock-frozen at -36°C and then stored below -18 °C to preserve freshness for a longer time without usage of excessive additives.

Frozen retail cakes are produced in perfect size for individuals and small families, suitable for one time consumption. These are supplied in designed multilingual packgaes, that gurantee outstanding look on the shelves of any retail shop. 

No more need to go shopping every time you want to pamper yourself. Take your favorite cake out of the freezer, thaw it at room temperature and enjoy at any time of the day. 

It is always wise to keep a small cake in the freezer to be ready to treat unexpected guests!


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