People are used to eat cakes on special occasions.
However, we believe that everyone deserves a delicious piece of cake every day!

To guarantee stable quality and lower production cost, we produce cakes in long batches and using only high quality ingredients from reliable suppliers. Once produced, cakes are being shock-frozen at -36°C and then stored below -18 °C to preserve freshness for a longer time without usage of excessive additives. Cakes are produced in 250-400g packages perfect for individuals and small families, suitable for one time consumption. 

Avoid waste by keeping bigger amount of frozen cakes in stock and thaw only as much as needed by moving cakes out of freezer into chilled place for 10 hours (usually overnight). Keeping bigger stock of frozen cakes in distribution center or shop and thawing them according to the demand help to decrease costs, take control over waste, minimize risk of delivery gaps and short best before dates.

Lower shelf price per package turns cakes into an everyday treat and guarantee ongoing sales.


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