Panini sandwich breads


Our thaw and serve soft and pre-cut sandwich buns and paninies with different grains and seeds are perfect choice for healthy and tasty sandwich.

Wide selection of sandwich buns, paninis and baguettes and toast breads fulfill needs of any sandwich producer.


Photos List
Rye crust bread 50g 1615892942
Rye 20bread 20600g 1593638129
Black bread with seeds 650g sliced square 1582773945
Mustpehmik mg 2471 1582773979
Black tin bread 600g sliced square 1582773947
Cheese soft bun 50g square 1582773952
Toast bread 500g1 1582773999
9340 tume ciabatta 1582818765
Dark ciabatta bun 70g1 1582773971
9340 tume ciabatta 1622198830