A wide choice of pastries with various fillings for lovers of both sweet and savory tastes.
Easy to bake, hard to refuse.

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9392 20bo 20rye 20bread 20with 20seeds 20410g 20slice 1616450264
Bo yeast free tin bread 410g cut 1616450382
Rye bread 600g 1582773846
Grill sausage pasrty 1582821841
9782 bo sausage pastry with tomato and herb filling 130g 1582821779
Sausage pastry 70g1 1582773871
Sausage roll with mustard cucumber filling 120g square 1582773861
9454 sausage roll with mustard and cucumber filling 170g 3 1582773875
Kanapasteija 85g 1582773872
Spinach fetacheese 20strudel 20125g 1594463716