Panini sandwich breads


Our thaw and serve soft and pre-cut sandwich buns and paninies with different grains and seeds are perfect choice for healthy and tasty sandwich.

Wide selection of sandwich buns, paninis and baguettes and toast breads fulfill needs of any sandwich producer.


Photos List
Different seed rye tin bread 650g  sliced 1582773949
Half baguette  1613557683
Aimo moniviljapatonki 160g 1582773840
9593 mitmevilja panini  multigrain panini 80g 1582773981
9374 rb multigrain sandwich baguette 80g pre sliced 1582773967
Mitmeviljapehmik mg 2433 1582773983
Multigrain toast bread 500g1 1582774001
9955 kaera panini  oat panini 80g 1582773989
Kaerapehmik mg 2489 1582773977
L76a4081 1582775612