A wide choice of pastries with various fillings for lovers of both sweet and savory tastes.
Easy to bake, hard to refuse.

Photos List
Multigrain croissant 80g 1582773804
Passion frruit apple pastry 100g 1582775601
9125 bo pitsarull 90g pizza roll 90g 1582773859
Poppy seed roll 80g 1636101483
Rhubarb 20braid 2090g 1596806310
9317 pic 1643980524
9100 20bo 20rye 20bread 20330g 20slice 1616450192
Bo black bread with germinated grains 350g 1582773842
9392 20bo 20rye 20bread 20with 20seeds 20410g 20slice 1616450264
Bo yeast free tin bread 410g cut 1616450382