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Thaw and Sell cakes leafletIntroducing our Frozen to Chilled Thaw & Sell cakes, a solution that revolutionizes the supply chain while delivering exceptional taste and value. Our cakes come in convenient sizes and are designed for easy defrosting at various stages of the logistics chain, providing numerous benefits to all the parties involved, including significant reduction of waste .

By keeping a surplus of frozen cakes in stock, you can effectively manage inventory without the risk of short expiry dates. Thawing is a breeze - simply move the cakes from the freezer to a chilled environment for approximately 10 hours, usually overnight. This can be done either at the distribution center or at the point of sale.

Shelf-life countdown begins after thawing, not from the time of production. This ensures that your customers receive the freshest cakes with an extended residual shelf-life. With the ability to control the quantity of cakes thawed daily, you can strike the perfect balance between product availability and waste reduction.

Our Thaw & Sell cakes empower you to take control of your supply chain and minimize waste. By optimizing inventory and reducing unnecessary disposal, you can save costs and enhance operational efficiency. Furthermore, our cakes are produced in long batches using high-quality ingredients from reliable suppliers, ensuring stable quality and lower production costs.

Our Thaw & Sell cakes offer not only practical benefits, but they also provide an everyday treat at an affordable price. The lower shelf price per package makes them accessible for regular indulgence, guaranteeing ongoing sales and customer satisfaction.

Experience the difference of our Thaw & Sell cakes and unlock a world of efficiency, freshness, and value. From production to consumption, our solution transforms the way cakes are handled and enjoyed. Embrace this innovative approach and elevate your business with the freshest, longest-lasting cakes on the market.

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